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Create a meaningful connection through relatable, authentic content from sources your audiences know and trust.

Our portfolio of local lifestyle publishers in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal, and Halifax allow you to reach a national audience using locally tailored messaging. These local experts have loyal audiences who trusts their opinion and voice – turning to them for updates on the best restaurants and bars, events and activities, as well as local news.

National Delivered Locally

Why Suite 66?

We will be your single touch-point giving you access to multiple local lifestyle voices across Canada.

Suite 66 will manage your campaign across multiple local and national properties throughout Canada. We will develop a strategy with our publishers to share your messaging in a way that is relevant to their audiences, while remaining true to their voice. We can extend your campaign via national properties like AccuWeather or focus on local with properties like Streets Of Toronto and Vancouver Is Awesome.

Our lifestyle sites offer…

Sponsored content

Pair messaging with relevant editorial content that aligns to your consumer insights, strengthening audiences’ connection to your brand.

Branded content

We will work with our publishers to create a custom article that seamlessly weaves your brand into the story in a way that will resonate with audiences.

Sponsored social

Production teams will capture your brand in an engaging way to share custom photos, videos, or stories on our publisher’s social accounts.

Sponsored contests

Get people excited through sponsored contests  shared on publisher sites or social channels, giving followers a chance to win a prize from your brand.

Email newsletter

Connect with your audience right in their inbox when you integrate your messaging with our publisher’s e-mail newsletters.

High-impact display ads

Whether it is through a video banner, logo takeover, or skin with 100% share of voice, your brand is sure to make an impression.  

Case Study

See how Swoop Airlines used National Delivered Locally to announce their launch in four key Canadian markets.

Swoop looked to connect with budget conscious consumers to generate awareness and excitement around their ultra-low cost flights from four major Canadian markets.

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