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Audience-focused advertising solutions for brands and publishers.

About us

Generating intent.

In a world where yesterday’s best practices are today’s discarded trends, you need a partner whose clear expertise, insight-based strategies and well-honed methodologies advance your marketing goals – and whose experience and support you can trust, now and into the future.

Partner with Suite 66 and put the right content in front of the right audience at just the right time to generate the results you need. It all starts with knowing where your audience lives.

What we do

Connecting brands with customers.

You need a partner who is immersed in digital media. We bring unique capabilities to the strategy, planning and execution of online campaigns. Discover how we have partnered with leading influential publishers to develop and implement highly successful content marketing and KPI focused campaigns for leading brands.


Connect to engaged users on the most relevant Canadian and US urban lifestyle, travel, home, and auto websites and social media platforms with compelling content-marketing strategies that engage and drive intent.


Measurable outcomes are created using rich data to understand each audience and their journey. We zero in on their needs, make meaningful connections, and turn likely prospects into your newest customers.


You want brand-safe, reputable advertising that moves your business forward. That’s what we offer. Results-driven, technically skilled and ready to collaborate, Suite 66 is your exclusive sales and marketing partner, building meaningful connections between advertisers’ brands and your audiences.

Insights at work

Thought leadership in action.


• 0.11% average CTR
• 0.04% conversion rate

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American Express

• 14.6 million impressions
• 0.4% CTR

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• 0.19% CTR
• 147K article page views

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Curiocity Group

Suite 66 signs exclusive representation deal.

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Get the right message in front of the right audience at just the right time.