Five things Suite 66 values about client relationships

Here at Suite 66, we value our clients: we can only be successful if they are. To keep these connections strong, we do all we can to engage our clients and encourage a positive and lasting partnership.

Shared communication is key

As a key to any good relationship, regular communication is very important to building trust with our clients. Rather than telling clients about our business, we work to understand what their needs are and then show them our solutions. Maintaining timely follow-up to make sure our clients’ needs are met is crucial in this process.

Ask for feedback, then act on that feedback

Feedback from our clients (positive or not) is crucial to understanding their business and our role in it. Feedback helps us to home in on our clients’ specific needs so we can find the best solutions for their advertising goals. The more targeted our offering is, the better chance we have of working well together and getting clients to where they need to go. (Don’t just sell ‘em something, sell ‘em the right thing!)

People will always remember a face better than an email address

Email and phone calls are great tools to keep the lines of communication open, however, nothing establishes a connection quite like an in-person conversation. Whenever possible, we try to meet face-to-face to both ask and answer questions, and get a true sense of what will make our clients’ lives better.  The more we are able to connect directly, the stronger our understanding of each other.

Be consultative and creative

Clients come to us for a specific service or product and as we get to know our clients better we often discover other areas where we can offer support. Sometimes a new perspective is just the right thing to kick-start a solution. By meeting additional needs we strive to be considered an asset to the business and in turn, help boost our clients’ confidence.

Manage expectations and meet deadlines

Getting work completed effectively and on time is essential to maintaining strong partnerships. So much of our professional lives involve workback schedules and we all know how forgiving everyone needs to be with multi-layered campaigns! When setting out plans and quoting delivery dates, it is always best to ensure timelines and expectations are set with the intent of building the best possible work. By allowing enough time to create, and then meeting those deadlines, the resulting success is great for our clients and our relationships. 

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