Four trends anticipated to influence the auto industry’s future

Suite 66’s partners take a look into the future of the auto industry and continue to deliver thought-provoking, original auto content.

Here are the newest nameplates that North America will never know

Although they won’t be making their way across the pond this year, take a moment to peruse these amazing new cars that were revealed at the Geneva Motor Show on Motor Trend

Avoiding traffic by flying over it may soon be a reality

If you think flying taxis sound too space-aged for your lifetime, think again.   This year’s Consumer Electronics Show revealed Bell Helicopter’s version of an actual air taxi, the Nexus.  Bell Helicopter, an Uber Air vehicle partner, aims to safely launch the Nexus for urban public flight operations by 2025!  Read more about it on Green Car Reports.

The mysterious aesthetics for autonomous vehicles

As we look to the future, autonomous cars represent one of the most exciting opportunities in the automotive world.  One aspect of these futuristic vehicles that is still somewhat of a mystery, is how they will look. In this article, Automobile speaks with five car designers about the features they’d like to see in a driverless car, and perhaps of even more intrigue, the features that will essentially become obsolete.

When competitors team up for the betterment of their industry

We love when former foes partner up for the greater good.  BMW and Daimler, the German automaker that owns Mercedes-Benz, are now cooperating to develop technologies that will bring self-driving cars to the market, potentially as early as 2021.  Learn more about the partnership on The Car Connection.

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