Suite 66 strongly believes in a consumer's right to privacy. All web user data collected by Suite 66 as part of the ad serving process is not personally identifiable (browser type, for example) and is used in aggregate form. Suite 66 does not conduct individual web user "profiling".


Remote "cookies" on web user computers and server databases at Suite 66 facilities are used to store information. A cookie is a piece of data placed on the Web User's hard drive by our servers. Cookies are used to improve the experience web users have when they see web advertisements. Cookies are not viruses and cannot erase your hard drive or otherwise damage your computer. Usage of a cookie is in no way linked to any personally identifiable information.

Cookies are used to ensure that when a web user clicks on an ad, they are sent to the correct click-through destination. They are also used by our reporting system to estimate the total reach of an ad campaign, as well as frequency of display. This allows advertisers to determine with greater accuracy the composition of the audience they reach. Cookies are also used to sequence the delivery of a series of ads to a web browser, and to limit the number of times a web browser receives any one advertisement. Web Users have the option of blocking the use of cookies by changing a setting in their browser. Please see your browser supplier's website for details on how to do this.

Information Collection and Use:

As with all web content delivery systems, Suite 66 records information about the interaction between a web user's browser and our servers. Those interactions include ad content (banner) delivery, counting click-throughs on an ad, and tracking webpage views after a click-through. Browsers typically provide the browser version, the operating system, and the IP address of the computer in use. This non-personally identifiable information is collected from web users to assist in the proper function of our service as well as the targeting of advertisements from our customers and the reporting of aggregate data to both advertisers and publishers. Suite 66 does not collect, use, sell, or purchase web user information that is personally identifiable.

Third Party Advertising:

Suite 66 may use other third-party advertising companies to serve ads when you visit one of our website. These companies may use information (including your name, address, email address or telephone number) about your visits to this and other websites in order to provide advertisements on this site and other sites about goods and services that may be of interest to you. While Suite 66 will make a best effort to eliminate or minimize the usage of your information by these companies, please use discretion when giving your information to any advertisements.

Information Sharing:

Web user information (all of which is non-personally identifiable) is shared with our advertisers and publishers in aggregate fashion. This means, for example, that of the millions of web users we deliver banners to each month, an advertiser will know what percentage of those users viewed their advertisement with a certain browser. The sharing of this information is essential to providing the services we offer. Suite 66 may augment web user information with additional non-personally identifiable information, such as an IP address to 5-digit postal code cross reference to aid in local targeting of advertising. IP addresses are not linked to personally identifiable information by Suite 66.

Consumer Choice and Access:

Since Suite 66 does not collect personally identifying information (such as your full name, email address, mailing address, telephone number, or credit card number) we do not maintain a process for an individual to review and/or request changes to his or her personally identifying information.

How Consumers Can Opt Out:

While advertisements that users see are purely interest-based and non-personal, some consumers may still choose to opt out of this form of information collection. The opt-out mechanism uses a cookie that is stored in the consumer's web browser, and when an ad server recognizes the stored cookie it determines which advertisements to show or not show based on the consumer's preferences. If the consumer deletes the cookie then the opt-out mechanism will cease to function.

Consumers who are interested in learning more about interest-based (behavioural) advertising and also set their opt-out preferences can visit The Digital Advertising Alliance of Canada's opt-out page here:

Additionally, you may click here to opt out of data collection and behaviourally targeted advertising from Suite 66. You will still continue to receive online advertisements from Suite 66 but these may not be relevant to you. Note that if you switch browsers, or to computers/devices where your browser settings are not automatically synchronized, you will need to complete the opt-out process each time. Finally, your browser settings must have cookies enabled and allow 3rd party cookies for the opt-out mechanism to work correctly.

Accessible Customer Service Feedback Process

Customers and/or third parties who wish to provide feedback on the way Suite 66 provides services to people with disabilities can provide feedback in the following way(s): verbally, in person or by telephone in writing by letter or email.

Privacy Contact Info:

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